Clip N Clean provides full service pet grooming for all breeds of dogs and cats with expertise and care. Our staff has the experience to fulfill your entire dog and cat grooming needs, providing a safe and professional environment for your pet. Our groomers bathe your pet using a Miropure water softener system, combined with organic shampoos, leaves your pets coat unbelievably soft, healthy, and clean. Regular grooming and brushing is an essential part of your pets overall wellbeing.

Pet Grooming Rates

All prices are subject to the condition and size of your pet.

Bath Dog: includes bath, ears, nails, express the glands and sanitary shave
*Small short hair dogs such as a Chihuahua $25 to $35
*Small long hair dogs such as a Terrier $35 to $45
*Medium to large dogs such as a Beagle $55
*Large dogs with short hair such as a Rottweiler $65
*Large dogs with undercoat such as a Husky or Akita $75 to $85

Full Groom Dog: includes bath, haircut, ears, nails, and express the glands
*Small dogs such as a Yorkshire $65
*Medium to large dogs such as a Cocker Spaniel $75
*Large dogs such as a Labrador $85 to $95
*Extra large dogs such as a Retriever or Labradoodle $85 to $150

Bath Cat: includes cleaning ears, and nail trim
*At this time we are only doing baths, no full groom $75
*Nail trim and or grinding (included with bath) $15.00

Other Services Offered:
*Nail trim and or grinding (included with bath or full groom) $15.00
*Glands expressed (included with bath or full groom) $10.00
*Teeth brushing (not included with bath or full groom) $8.00


Affordable Dog Teeth Cleaning Using No Anesthesia

Dog teeth cleaning is important to your pet’s health. Removing the accumulation of plague and tartar will improve your pets digestion and breath. Dog teeth cleaning is a cosmetic procedure using toothbrushes, dentifrice, dental floss, and gauze to clean your dogs teeth as allowed by California state law.

Call 1-800-418-1051 for more info or to schedule an appointment.


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