Dog tips for cold weather

dog tips for cold weather

Many dog owners believe that their furry pets can endure the cold because of their thick coats. This is not always true. Although some dog breeds are better suited to winter weather than others, as the temperature decreases, so does your pup’s tolerance of the cold and our four-legged friends are likely to suffer from the winter cold just as much as we do. These Dog tips for cold weather will help you to keep your pet safe and warm during the winter.

To keep your dog warm, snug, and safe, you should know the following:

  • Remember even with a heavy coat of fur your pet can get cold too. If you are leaving your pet outdoors for long periods of time make sure they have a nice dry bed to bundle up on to keep warm.
  • Don’t use metal water dishes outside in winter, your pet’s tongue could stick to the frozen metal.
  • It is important that dogs continue to exercise through the winter months, but remember to warm up gently for the first five minutes. Your dog’s muscles need to be warmed up just like yours, so be gentle.
  • Never leave a fire burning unattended with a pet nearby or use a fire screen to keep your pet away from soot, fire, and embers
  • Antifreeze should be kept away from your pet and out of sight as it is poisonous
  • Be careful with space heaters as your dog may be burned if he gets too close to one, or it may knock it over and start a fire.