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Serving Concord since 1978, Clip N Clean Pet Grooming & Supplies is a Full Service Pet Grooming Salon, and Pet Food Supply Store.
3498 Clayton Road Concord, CA 94519.
Phone: 925-676-9355

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It’s very important to feed your dog a high-quality diet with the proper amount of protein. A dog that spends most of his day lounging on the couch doesn’t need to be feed food with a high protein level. Do...

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100 tablets $19.99 ( mention this post and receive $2.00 off ) At Clip N Clean we recommend Flea Away, a vitamin complex specifically formulated for dogs and cats. When Flea Away is kept in your pet’s system, the vitamins...

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Summer is a great time to spend with our pet, but being over activate in the heat can be very dangerous, and lead to serious problems or even death. A few tips to remember. 1. Pets can get dehydrated quickly,...

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At Clip N Clean Pet Grooming & Supplies we carry a variety of collars and leashes to satisfy all your pets needs. Keeping your pets collar clean and smelling fresh adds to the overall good health and well being of...

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Puppies need to be house trained in order to understand that it’s not okay to eliminate in your house. House training is a simple process, but one that must be carried out positively (without punishment that scares the puppy) and...

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  Leaving your dog unattended on a choke chain is not a good idea. The chain could get caught and strangle the dog. It is important to have a properly fitted choke chain for your dog. Having one to loose...

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Dog urine on the carpet can leave unwanted stains and odors. After absorbing the urine with paper towels sprinkle a generous amount of bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) to absorb any remaining traces of urine and odor, problem solved. Dog...

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To keep your dog busy, buy toys with little holes in them. By smearing peanut butter in the hole this will keep them occupied for hours. Giving your dog a rawhide bone when leaving them for long periods of time...

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Having a regular grooming schedule for your pet will keep their coat healthy and clean which will make your pet a happy one. During the rainy season have a small bucket of water outside the door along with a towel...

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Holiday dining leaves many leftovers and the temptation to over feed your pet. Give your dog table food sparingly, too much can be bad for their digestion. As your dog gets older it may be necessary to add supplements to...

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